Pass the Pepper Spray

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone and right along with it is all that “I’m thankful for _____” stuff!   No, I’m not a “Scrooge”, actually I’m quite the opposite.   But right now, what I’m just thinking about is how during the week leading up to Thanksgiving Day, all I heard from the news to Social Media, was people acknowledging what they were thankful for.  People being kind to one another, just because….

  • feeding the hungry
  • clothing our neighbors
  • playing “good Samaritan” on the highways, helping stranded strangers….

Then, almost instantly, at the stroke of midnight, as Black Friday officially began, the “thankfulness” seemed to fade with most of our waistlines.   There were “happy campers” camped outside stores waiting to take advantage of the many advertised “deals”, but don’t you dare cross them.  Once the doors to stores opened, that same neighbor, who yesterday would’ve given you his last, dared you to even look at the laptop that he came for.  Of course everyone has heard about the infamous “pepper spray lady” who just had to have the latest game system, and you may have heard about the “shooting” at a store over merchandise, but where did the “thankful” news go?  Did it really just end in a flash or did it get covered over in the more exciting “Black Friday drama” news?

I want to believe that we aren’t just thankful one day a year, but the evidence is mounting to the contrary.  Every year we go through the same cycle.  Were we really thankful for the things that we had the day before and the day of Thanksgiving?  So what happened after Thanksgiving Day ended?  Amnesia?  Or do we just need more things to be thankful for?

I know it’s not everyone, and some people save up all year for Black Friday so they can stretch their hard-earned dollars, and that I can understand, but my question isn’t to that small number.  I know it’s becoming a cliché to say “count your blessings”, but if we haven’t gotten “over” Black Friday, with all its hype and “typical”, yet so-called “amazing deals”, how are we “over” counting our blessings?  Can we have both? What’s wrong with saying “I’m thankful for ______” on other days and at other times of the year?  It’s free, you don’t have to camp outside of a store to do it and I promise, no one will squirt you with pepper spray and you won’t have to dodge bullets.

Thank you for following my blog!  I’m thankful for your support, and I appreciate your feedback…everyday!

~ Toni L. Rousell, Publicist & PR Professional

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