Beaming and Blushing

When my baby girl graduated from high school, my next hope for her was that she would attend college….and finish.  I really didn’t give much thought as to what her major would be, because I know that’s often “subject to change”, I just wanted her to seek higher education and I was confident that she would make a good choice…she usually does!  We rarely had “drama” from her and I kept waiting for the “boom to drop” in her teen years, but that never happened.

Then she chose to major in Education, and I began to worry.  Why?  Especially when I said I was confident she would make a good choice?  Well, call it “mother’s intuition”, but I just felt like it was all of the “advice”  from other teachers (and her dad) and not truly what she wanted to do.  Sure, she’s always been great with kids, an excellent babysitter, but that’s not the same as being a teacher, even though some teachers might argue that they have to do a lot “babysitting”.  I never felt like she wanted to be in a classroom with children all day or have to be responsible for their education.  So, after a year of the Education curriculum, and making “ok” grades, she just said “mommy, I don’t want to be a teacher…” then I exhaled.  Yes! I exhaled!!  She went on to say “….I want to be a Paralegal”, and all I could think was “huh?”.   But not the  “huh” you might think.  See, I was a Paralegal for a few years and while I left the profession to start my business, I never truly left Law.  From day one, I’ve been responsible for the drafting and researching of all my client Agreements and Contracts, and I can honestly say that I like the details of law.  So for my daughter to follow in my steps, so to speak, was a very pleasing moment!  Some of my friends who are Attorneys and Court Officials ask why she doesn’t pursue a career as an Attorney, but I don’t push it; if she wants to, she will…again, I’m confident of that! 

Since changing her major, my baby girl has excelled in her studies.  She is a straight “A” student, and her professors love her; she’s building relationships that are sure to benefit her, maybe even before she graduates.  I’m actually beaming with pride!!

Now, her next big announcement took me for an even bigger “HUH”?  Again, not a bad “huh”, but a “did I hear you correctly” huh!!  My baby girl is getting married, and to a young man that we watched her grow up with.  They’ve been friends since she was 6 years old and he was 8 years old!  He can even remember what she was wearing the first time he saw her!  WOW!!  Funny thing is, they never actually dated.  Sure, they went to school dances together, and would always be seen at family functions and gatherings off alone just laughing and talking, but they didn’t start dating until very recently.  When he called to ask my husband for Lari’s hand in marriage, first of all, we both applauded his manners and old-fashioned respect, but our permission was granted on the condition that they both promise that Lari would finish school!  No if, ands, or buts about it!

Sean, my Son-In-Law to be, will be graduating in a few months and will continue in his Medical career, as a Physician’s Assistant.   At their recent Engagement Celebration, he professed his love for her in front of the many close friends and family members in attendance, while countless others shared their congratulations and stories of watching Larionne and Sean “grow up together” in Bible class, being ministers and obedient children.

Needless to say, now she’s blushing….

~Toni L. Rousell, Publicist & PR Professional

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