Anti-Social Media…

Remember Rockwell’s song “Somebody’s Watching Me” ?  (If not, take a minute to look at the video below!)  Listen carefully to the background singing that starts almost immediately…creepy, huh?

This song comes to mind as I go through my business Facebook page insights.   Imagine how tickled I was to see that when I looked up the video, someone had just posted last week that it was Facebook’s theme song, and their post got 160 likes…WOW!!  So I’m not the only one!!

I was just thinking the other day, I post regularly on my business Facebook page,, but the comments and “likes” are few, almost giving the impression that no one is reading the wall of information, community events,  entertainment news, etc.  But the insights for the posts tell a totally different story.  

  • One post, for example, was viewed approximately 500 times, however, there was only one comment left.  Huh?!!

But why do I care?  Well, it’s not really that big of a deal, since I do publicize my services in other ways, but at the same time, it can be bad for business to not get feedback and visible support for others to see; it’s all in the “brand building”.   It’s important to show your reach to potential clients and sponsors.  Remember, the page insights can only be viewed by the page administrators, and that won’t help one bit for a “curious” potential client.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I too am guilty of just “passing through” and looking at a business’ page without leaving a comment or a “like”, and I’m not saying that people really “like” what they read, but won’t admit it, I’m suspecting it, but I won’t say it…lol!  But what I am saying is it sort of defeats the purpose of  social media, or “social networking”, when no one wants to socialize!  And like Rockwell’s video illustrates, it’s kind of creepy.  You don’t have to be a social media pro to know how it feels to be watched, but not spoken to.   How about that quiet, yet nosy neighbor that just likes to know what you’re doing, just to know, or to tell others, but they usually don’t have anything to offer, except their watching eyesCREEPY!!

So I guess the question is, does social media support actual “social networking”, for business growth, or does it simply make it easier to be nosy?  It certainly allows those just “wanting to know” to be a lot less obvious than the neighbor in the above picture!!  

Maybe all this social media, social networking, we’re actually becoming “anti-social”…pretty strange if you ask me.  

*Side note:  I wanted to spell nosy, “nosey”, but WordPress wouldn’t allow it!   I guess there really are two sides to every story, which makes me think, what’s the “anti-social media creeper’s” side to this.  Maybe he/she doesn’t think their “like” or comment is important.  Humph, I beg to differ….

-Toni L. Rousell, Publicist & PR Professional

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