Non-Profits Trending!

There’s a lot to be said about giving, and I’ve appreciated that more in the last 2 weeks than I think I ever have.

Most often I have to convince my clients to “give back”, pointing out the publicity value and the “less expensive” ways to accomplish the goals of giving, only to have budget constraints and “doubtful minds” reject my philanthropic ideas.  But later, they revisit my suggestions and see the value in giving

But my latest new clients, being non-profit organizations, need no convincing and I find that they have a lot to talk about because they give.  They’re not “easy”, but writing their pitches are not as “complicated”, if I may say it that way.   As I work with Black Celebrity Giving (BCG) in preparing for their great anniversary celebration, I find myself ending my days feeling like my work really made a difference.  Another thing I haven’t felt is the need to really try to “make” a story happen.  It fits perfectly with my motto: “Good publicity isn’t hard if you’re saying and doing good things”.   In other words, these organizations are walking the talk and that makes my job just a little easier.

With the New Life Home Giveaway, it’s fascinating to see how much goes into “giving a home away”!  You would think it would be easy, but people are skeptical.  After all, nothing is free…right?  Well, of course, you must reserve a ticket (no limit on how many) but each ticket is $100.  So how about getting a home for $100?  A newly built home in an exclusive subdivision.  But the giveaway isn’t just a giveaway, it’s for a great cause.  The goal is to use the proceeds to build a community campus filled with positive activities for the youth of Greater New Orleans in a safe environment for the whole family.  

It’s time to start a trend in giving…

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