“Hair Loss: Causes and Prevention” – AfroVeda’s Ustream Show 3/19/2012

Even though there was extremely bad weather and several power outages in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, the show “went on” for AfroVeda CEO Mala Rhodes.   After giving a brief re-cap of the last show, Mala proceeded with the show’s topic:  Hair Loss: Causes & Prevention!

With so many Americans, men, women and even children, experiencing hair loss for a multitude of reasons, as the CEO of a hair products company, Mala felt compelled to address the subject and offer possible, easy solutions.

From braids that are “too tight” to “hormonal imbalance”, the causes for hair loss are many, but most were discussed and great insight was given!   If you missed the show, take a look at it now! AfroVeda’s “Hair Loss” Ustream Show

And it’s no surprise that the Featured Product was Methika, an Ayurvedic Scalp Treatment Oil used for reducing dandruff, hair loss, hair thinning and other things such as provides vital nutrients to the scalp!  It is an incredible combination of organic ingredients including coconut, castor and sesame oil, almond and honey.  Because it is so essential to the health of the hair and scalp, a 2 ounce size was made available for FREE*!

Be sure to watch the next show, Monday, April 2 at 7pm CST / 8pm EST and don’t forget to ask your questions via chat!

*Product offered free of charge with every $25 purchase and special discount code.

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