Going Back to Your Roots

Is it a temporary phase or a long-lasting sincere desire to rid our lives of as many harsh chemicals as possible?  I’m referring to what seems to be “everyone” going natural with their hair.

How come so many are going back to their “roots”?…hair roots that is.

I’m just observing…many black women seem to be leaving what has been termed the “creamy crack” (or hair relaxers), and also seem to be truly enjoying the hair they were born with in its totally natural state, with the exception of a little coloring here and there of course!

However, when I look at it, “natural” seems to be in a war against “processed” in nearly every area of our lives.

For years now, with the rise of so many diseases and strange illnesses, even in children, health advocates have been almost begging us to eat more raw and organic foods, as natural as possible…but I’m not sure the natural hair craze has anything to do with health.

But then again….

Since working with Mala Rhodes of AfroVeda Hair Care, I have been introduced to products that are not only natural, but that are great for natural hair.   Using principles of the Ayurveda system of healing, Mala’s 100% natural products promote healthy hair truly from the inside out, and I’m now more curious than ever.

Too much hair in my comb…it’s breaking off, too!

Will going back to my roots work for me?  I wonder.  Having too much hair in my comb, I’ve been suspecting that the chemicals are damaging my hair, so I abandoned the “creamy crack” a little over 3 months ago.   I’m enjoying it so far, but we’ll see.  There may be some debate on if it’s the relaxers or other things causing the damage,  I’m sure.

When I think about it, I gave up making excuses for not exercising years ago, and to this day, my health is better for it, so maybe I can do this for the health of my hair!

~Toni L. Rousell, Publicist & PR Professional

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