Did you forget someone???

And the award goes to….

I used to look at award shows and sometimes wonder “why are all those people going up to the stage…it’s only one person getting the award!”, but I was wrong, and now I can appreciate why.

When one person’s name is called, and they take the stage with an entire entourage, their intent is to allow those that made the honor possible to share in the joy of the award.   In other words, they know that they did not do it alone.

Someone else might say that they do this and give credit to those that helped because they are obligated to, but either way, they’re admitting publicly that they didn’t earn the award alone.

Imagine if the heads of organizations would share their accomplishments with “the little guy”?  You know,  the office managers, supervisors, administrative assistants…well, okay, that would be a bit much, but I think you get the picture….it takes a team.

In my business, the clients that I have the pleasure of working with, have called upon me to lend my assistance in helping them to shape their brand, publicize their community and professional efforts and accomplishments and/or market their products or services, but when they say “thank you” to me, I feel the need to say “no, thank YOU“!  I mean…

  • How can an interview be scheduled if they don’t agree to do it?   So much for media relations!
  • Or, cooperate during our interview prep time?
  • What if they decide to abandon a prepared statement and just “wing it”?  Uh oh….and guess who’s in trouble??
  • What if they don’t show up on time for scheduled events?  Then all of my planning goes out the window, and well, I just look like a dork.

I would also like to think that those clients that follow the campaigns that we develop are awesome!

They don’t consult with numerous other people and allow multiple “outside” ideas to come in and disrupt our plans, or unnecessarily try to “do too much in too little time” trying to “compete”, but instead, they invest themselves into the relationship that we’ve developed as a team, and stay focused on the goals that we’ve set.  They also communicate directly their concerns honestly and in-person…simply wonderful!

Teamwork should never be underrated or overlooked.  In nearly every significant endeavor in our lives, we have received some sort of assistance;  no matter how great or small.

So don’t forget to turn to your left or to your right, or look behind you, while accepting that recognition or “pat on the back” and say “thank you” to your teammates!

~ Toni L. Rousell, Publicist & PR Professional

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