Wow! They’re talkin’ about me!

At this very moment, I can hear Donna Summer’s 1980’s hit “She Works Hard for the Money” playing in my mind as I read over the glowing endorsements that I’ve received on my LinkedIn Profile (!

The song comes to mind because “Toni works hard” seems to be the consensus, and well, I think it’s true, so it’s alright with me that others think so, too!  I think that’s certainly better than “who Toni?… she’s a lazy blood clot…hire her? Ha!”   Well, okay, I know that no one would actually write that on a LinkedIn recommendation, but I thought I’d poke fun at myself.  It’s like I’m asking myself, sarcastically, “you asked for a recommendation…duh, what did you think they would write”, but I really wasn’t expecting those words!  I mean, sure, I’ve spent many late nights following up on hours of work that I’ve done during the day, preparing emails, editorial content for my client’s website, going over my calendar (making sure not to “over commit”), reading over industry news, etc., but I didn’t really think anyone else was taking notice, and to be honest, I don’t do it for “pats on the back”, but I do it because, well, it’s what I promise to do.   I just don’t think it’s very honest to charge a client for great service and deliver mediocrity!  Now that’s just wrong!!

So, take a look…they’re talkin’ about ME!!

  • New Orleans Saints DB Malcolm Jenkins wrote:  “Toni is extremely hard working and doesn’t rest until her clients are satisfied.”
  • Justin Macione, Communications Manager of the New Orleans Saints, wrote:  “Toni is a person that works extremely hard for her clients and has a lot of outstanding contacts.  She also knows effectively how to give her clients visibility on multiple platforms!”
  • WWL-TV’s Scott Cody, Sports Reporter, tweeted when an interview that I’d set up would air and then added:“…BTW follow Toni [@ToniR_Publicist] #getsstuffdone”!   I guess it’s safe to assume he was pleased that with just one phone call to me, in less than 1 hour, he was able to have an interview with New Orleans Saints DB Malcolm Jenkins for WWL-TV’s “4th Down on 4” – a show that showcases the week’s top local sports news.

Note to all non-tweeters: BTW means ‘by the way’, and the # before ‘gets stuff done’ with all the words together is to mark a ‘trending topic’.   Now that I think about it, it’s almost like Scott was saying “Toni works hard”, too! Lol…

Of course there are more recommendations to come, at least that’s what I’m counting on, but I’m not going to stop focusing on the business at hand while I wait for more sweet words to add to my collection.   Instead, I’m encouraged to continue to give my all and share a lesson that these words of praise taught me:  No matter what, do better than your best, give your all, and then some more, because not only is someone watching you, they’re talkin’ [and tweetin’] about you, too!

-Toni L. Rousell, Publicist & PR Professional

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