Don’t delete these cookies!

I absolutely love sweets of all kinds, especially cookies, so imagine how easy it is for me to talk about the Pink Lady Cookie Company, but it has been a little harder than one might think!  Why?  Well, Ms. Cecile, the owner is, sort of shy and not quite ready to let the world experience some of the best cookies ever baked...cookies you’ll never want to delete from your memory!  Okay, that was corny, I know, but it’s true!  Ever tasted cookie flavors like Yum Yam, Mocha Fudge or Lemon Lace?  Well, you should and hopefully soon, you will!

Ms. Cecile of The Pink Lady Cookie Company

Now, to the hard part…overcoming my client’s “shyness”!  After all, how often does a person have an absolutely fantastic service, or product, and not want to share it with the world?  Actually, it happens more times than not, and that’s when the challenge gets interesting!  As a publicist, I have to see the bigger picture, then break it down into a smaller picture, and then sell my clients to themselves.   Sweew!!  It’s just not easy!  After our initial meeting and interview,  I can usually see my client’s future and outline a vision that they’ve never seen or didn’t think was “for them”.  Then, I must convince them to allow me to help them to realize their potential, which can get sticky!  OMG!  I break out into a sweat, and a smile (yes, I love a challenge) every time I think about it!  It takes a lot to not allow my clients’ fears to take charge, but instead, to allow me to take charge and publicize…promote!  Quite often, the proof is in the pudding, or cookies,  when their sales and positive exposure catapults them into the sweet space of success!  They quickly learn to let go and let me…work!

With all of that said, however, I respect 100% my clients’ wishes, and so, that’s why if you’re outside of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area, it may be a minute before you get to taste a cookie from the Pink Lady Cookie Company.   Ms. Cecile is still a little shy, but she’ll soon come around.  She’s already expanded her kitchen to accommodate very large orders, and thanks to my consultations, she knows the shelf life of her cookies, her pricing is more profitable, yet affordable, the packaging she uses is professional and attractive and she’s starting to roll in more than cookie dough!

So, my point is that no matter what the business, I’ve learned that a good publicist can only be an asset.  It allows the business owner, or public figure, to focus on areas other than marketing or PR, that are just as critical, and still reap the benefits of it all.  Not having that extra set of eyes, ears or hands and that clearly focused mind, may be the difference between a dream realized and just a daytime fantasy.

– Toni L. Rousell, Publicist & PR Professional

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